Actives Finish on Top in Hockey Game!

On Saturday, March 7, 2015, Sigma Phi Epsilon took it to the ice and this year’s annual Alumni vs. Actives Hockey Game. The game started promptly at 2 PM with the Actives in red and the Alumni in white. There was lots of talk before the game and even a few wagers.

The two teams faced off at center ice of Frear Park with three 15-minute periods coming up. The Actives took the lead quickly, with Chris DiNicola ’16 scoring the the Actives’ first goal. Adam Lebrun ’17 scored the team’s next 2 goals, and Thomas Cronin ’16 scored the team’s fourth goal to round our the first period. Actives 4, Alumni 0.

The second period started as both teams skated back out to center ice, the Alumni were determined to take back as many goals as they could. Adam Lebrun ’16 pulls out a hat-trick to make the score a solid 5-0. Right before period’s end, the Actives were called for tripping, causing a shootout. Andy Lutringer ’98 capitalized and scored the goal for the alumni, ending the second period. Actives 5, Alumni 1.

At the start of the third period, the Actives are slow to skate back on the ice from being short-handed. The Alumni take advantage of the Actives’ slow skating and capitalize two more goals. One goal by Chris Bodner ’05 and the other by Jeff Liebowitz ’14.

A big thank you to all of the Alumni who came out and shook off the cobwebs on their hockey gear to play with the Actives:

Andy Gribbin ’84
Don Burgio ’89
Will Hallam ’91
Andy Lutringer ’98
Shawn Daly ’01
Dan Keefe ’01
Chris Bodner ’05
Jeff Liebowitz ’14
Joe Livote ’14
Greg Desmond ’14 (Goalie)

The Active roster consisted of:

Ben Hurley ’15
Alex Lin ’15
Andrew Groskopf ’16
Christopher DiNicola ’16
Thomas Cronin ’16
Adam Lebrun ’17
Rob Patterson ’17 (Goalie)

Another thank you to all of the supporters who came out to watch this game happen! This is a tradition that is making a strong comeback and hope to grow into a larger event each year. We hope to see you again next year!




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